Friday, March 2, 2012

A Tough Way To Education

Here is another installment in the videos that the Danish Action Aid volunteers made. It is about John, one of the boys that I work closely with in the Simama Project.
As always please remember that the volunteers speak English as their second language and that this video was made in hours and not days. Hopefully it will provide some insight into what it is like for some of the youth growing up in Kenya.

Special thanks to Nadia Beekhuijzen, Jannie Oestergaard Neilsen, Trine Schousen Kristiansen and Mathias Isidor Andersen for making a great video!

PS. if by chance I look like I am on death's doorstep, it is because I was undergoing antibiotic treatment through an iv. I dont normally look like that...I swear. (or maybe I do) I am much better now...thanks.

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