Thursday, January 19, 2012

Matching Grant Funds Matched!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the matching grant a success. The Simama Project is currently looking for other matching grants or other sources of funding to help the kids. Scholarship season has arrived so if you or anyone you know might be interested in getting a needy Kenyan child through school please email me! ( Thank you for those who already sponsor kids!

A special thank you to my dear friends Angela and Nate who threw the first ever Simama fundraising event. It was a huge success and got the ball rolling on the matching grant. In addition it gave the generous folks in San Francisco a chance to learn about the situation for the youth in Kenya, and more importantly, a chance to do something about it (which they did).

(The hosts, Angela and Nate, next to the amazing assortment of cheeses which actually probably deserves its own picture)
(There we go. Yeah definitely picture worthy)
(Bonded with the best we could being thousands of miles away)
(Lovely people)
(and of course....Dessert)


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