Thursday, June 9, 2011

Street Children Part II

My last post was about the street boys who have been re-integrated into school. After seeing the success they have had it would be easy to forget the tough environment that they have come out of. It is also important that we dont forget the hundreds of kids who are still living on the streets of Nanyuki. This video takes a look at their lives.

This is the third video in the series that the Action-Aid volunteers made. Once again, try remember that these are amateur videos that were edited in a matter of hours. Special thanks to Mikkel, Rasmus, Sidse and Mette, you guys did a great job!

The video doesnt seem to be working properly so take a look at it here.

1 comment:

  1. this streetboys can never go for ever to school. always running away. in nanyuki is a home for street children, i was there 2009 and have told with the leader. the streetboys in town can never go forever in the home for streetchildren. this children like not. NGO get money for this kids, same the govt., but in the own pocket. and when all kids in school and in this home, nobody spend more money for streetboys? haha. its not possible here. we have this long years ago try.its the same like the homeless peoples in germany, this peoples like not to living in a renthous, in a socialroom. this people want free.