Friday, July 30, 2010

Journal entry: Alfred Part 4

Writing a blog is interesting because most people live faster than they write about it. This is also true for me. I am writing about events that took place months ago.  I recently stumbled upon a journal entry that I wrote the day before I went up to see Alfred for the first time:

  Tomorrow we go to Il Polei to visit Alfred.  He has been at school for about two weeks now.   I haven’t heard from him at all (which is a good sign).  I must admit however that I am nervous.  Nervous that Alfred has been miserable in Il Polei.  Through no fault of his own.  I imagine it is such culture shock for him.  He is a little kikuyu boy taken out of the city and brought to a school in the middle of the bush that is almost entirely made up of Massai.   Massai, the pastoral warrior tribe among whose chief concerns are their Cows and how high they can jump.  Alfred can’t jump very high and he is scared of Cows.

What if he never made friends?  What if he decided that these people are weird and he had nothing in common with them.  Even worse, what if they hated him and he was ostracized from day one?

What if he just can’t function in school?  He isn’t used to studying all day and night.  What if he is exhausted by his schedule and decided to give up.  What if he already gave up and headed home?   It would be pretty embarrassing for me to show up then.

I have to have a positive attitude.  I am sure it will turn out fine.


(Alfred the day before he left for Il polei Primary)


(Alfred with all his gear, dressed like a student)

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